Cuba Services

Current relations between the U.S. and Cuba, though still tenuous, are constantly evolving. Although sanctions remain in place, new opportunities for business on the island are increasing, particularly in industries such as energy, hospitality, agriculture and infrastructure. For companies seeking to explore the opportunities on the island, it is important to understand the current legal, regulatory, culture and political environment, while maintaining compliance with U.S. laws. The Chevalier Law Firm, PLLC (“Chevalier”) is a full-service law firm, specializing in Cuban relations.
EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE– Chevalier is uniquely positioned to help U.S. companies with their needs on the ground in Cuba. Our firm has both the legal expertise and the cultural understanding critical in helping businesses navigate through the current legal and political challenges in the region. We’ve assisted U.S. trade delegations, participated in high-level meetings with Cuban government ministers and organized events with Cuban officials in the U.S. Our lawyers and associates have traveled the island, beyond the typical tour of Havana, and have an in depth understanding of both the challenges in the country, and the opportunities that exist for U.S. companies.
CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING – Cuba is a beautiful country, rich with culture and tradition. There are also many challenges that exist when attempting to work with the Cuban government. While there are efforts in Cuba to increase trade relations, the country is still operating under tight government rule, and there is a degree of diplomacy required to ensure productive business relationships are properly developed. With a strong Cuban-American presence in our firm, our lawyers and associates speak the language, literally and figuratively, and are well equipped to help companies gain the insight necessary to do business in Cuba.
RELATIONSHIPS – Chevalier has spent years cultivating relationships with a host of government officials, diplomats and industry specialists, both in Cuba and the U.S. These relationships have been key to our success in helping companies establish business relations in the region. Additionally, our firm has partnered with local bufetes (Cuban law firms), who are able to assist with legal services beyond the restrictions that U.S law firms face in Cuba.
Chevalier provides a range of services to companies wishing to do business with Cuba. Those services include:
In addition, through a partnership with Engage Cuba, our firm can provide comprehensive, bipartisan state and federal lobbying services, continuing the goal of ending the U.S. trade and travel embargo with Cuba and advocating on behalf of U.S. companies seeking authorization to pursue business relationships.